Take Part

There are many ways to become a Safer champion. Find out more here.

What is a Safer Champion?

Safer Champions are the bridges from Safer into the community. Self-motivated, enthusiastic, passionate individuals that want to make a difference and answer the question ‘what can I do to help?’. Our champions hold the key to Safer reaching a wider audience than we have before. They support us and help our voice and the voice of survivors of domestic abuse to be heard within the local community. We are an organisation passionate about ending domestic abuse and hope you will join us.

Be a Social Media Champion

Shout about Safer on social media and make sure we’re being talked about

  • Follow Safer on Facebook & Twitter
  • Connect with other Safer Champions on social media
  • Re-tweet and share information to your networks
  • Encourage followers and friends to become Safer Champions
  • Blog about Safer events you host or attend

Fund-raising Champion

We always need funds and every little helps. So you are really making a difference if you can help raise money for Safer

A few ideas:

  • Cake sale
  • Quiz
  • Coffee mornin
  • Car boot sale
  • Collection box at work / school etc.
  • Take up a sponsorship challenge such as a walk, kayak, cycle or trek. 
  • A Swap Shop Event – get together at least 20 people who bring four items of unwanted clothing,  accessories or kitchenware to the event and then they select four items to take away.   An entry ticket of (eg) £10 raises income for Safer and a glass of wine for the party goers.

Whatever you’re doing, let us know and we’ll help support or promote your event to other Safer Champions and people locally.

Donating Champion

Regular Donations are fantastic and make a real difference. Our regular donors are all real champions!

  • Regular monthly direct debits at whatever you can afford
  • One-off donations
  • Sponsor other Safer Champions in their fundraising activities
  • Donate to Safer through online shopping using Everyclick.  Everyclick is a way of raising money for Safer every time you search for something on the web or as you shop online.

Gift Champion

Give your support in the form of practical gifts for service users. They are appreciated so much.

The Safer Amazon wish-list couldn’t make it any easier for you to donate to our services. We select our most needed items for our refuge and children’ s services and you can choose those that best fit your budget. Checkout and Amazon does the rest.

Time Champion

Your time is precious and we value it highly. So giving your time makes you a hero in our eyes.

We always appreciate your time including:

  • Supporting and helping out at Safer events
  • Finding sites for collection boxes
  • Helping out; maintenance skills, gardening, painting & decorating.
  • Expertise; IT support, PR & Marketing.

Awareness Raising Champion

Safer regularly seeks to mobilize our community to help bring attention to the issues affecting survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.  So help us spread the word by providing us with a new audience. Then we can help even more people.  Standing up for happy and healthy homes free of domestic abuse starts with sharing information and helping others.

We believe that through advocacy and lobbying, we can shine a spotlight directly on the darkness and reality of these issues to those who are in a position to create lasting and systemic change—policymakers and politicians. By spreading the word about these issues, we can tell the stories of survivors—stories of their bravery, journey of how these issues have affected them. We can send the message that they and their experiences matter and that we will hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes.

Your voice is a pivotal part of these efforts. We invite you to educate others—loved ones, friends and neighbours—to build strong and healthy communities.   We invite you to advocate to create the change in attitudes across our community necessary to respond better to survivors and end all forms of violence and abuse. 

Not everyone knows what we do, If you can gather together a group of people who care about supporting each other, be it a group of friends, a sports and social club, a WI Branch, a church or any other group, then we want to come and talk to them. 

Tell us where and when and we’ll bring the biscuits!

Volunteer with us

Volunteers are invaluable and valued at Safer.

Volunteers play a vital role in supporting our services and events. There are many volunteer roles, all rewarding and all offering the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a third sector organisation.

To apply as a volunteer, head to our Volunteer page now.