As our lives become more and more digital we very often hear our clients say that they don’t understand how their partner/ex/stalker knows where they are all the time. How are they finding out? How can they hear conversations when they were nowhere near? How do they know what you’re wearing, who you’ve been texting, what your plans are??

Stalking someone online has never been easier with apps specifically built for this purpose, to be hidden in your computer or mobile device and listen in and track your life. Sounds very James Bond, doesn’t it? Well, abusers don’t have to have masses of technical knowledge to be able to do this. To track your every move all that’s really needed is your icloud password and for your iPhone to have “Find My iPhone” enabled. This will track you to within 1 metre and send this information in real time to whoever is logged into your account. They would also have access to all of your messages, emails, apps etc. Android and Windows devices can also be used in a similar way.

So what can you do? How can you find out if your phone or device is being used to abuse or stalk you? We’ve linked a great Women’s Aid leaflet below to get you thinking about your online safety and we’re always happy to talk through any concerns you may have if any of the above sounds familiar. Please call 721999 or email to speak to us.

Women’s Aid Digital Stalking Leaflet