Safer is always looking to form new corporate partnerships – to find out more about how your company could help, use the tabs below:

Safer is a local charity that works to support individuals and families who have been affected by domestic abuse.

By sponsoring a Safer fundraising event, you can show your existing customers and clients – and the wider community – your company’s dedication to helping vulnerable adults, children and young people.

Your sponsorship will be promoted across our social media network and website, linking your brand to Safer. Your employees will be able to engage with Friends of Safer to raise vital funds for services supporting victims of domestic abuse and their children.

Safer has several corporate opportunities for businesses looking to establish working relationships with the charity.  Corporate support and CSR programmes can take a variety of forms. Here are just some of the opportunities……  (separate page)

Depending on your preferred level of commitment, we can offer you a bespoke corporate package to include any or all of the following:

  • An increase in your organisation’s profile
  • PR opportunities
  • A profile on the Safer website
  • Domestic abuse awareness training for staff and managers
  • Assistance with drafting a workplace domestic violence policy
  • The opportunity to sponsor Safer events.
  • Pro bono work and Gifts in Kind

Corporate support and CSR programmes can take a variety of forms. Here are just some of the opportunities…

  • Make Safer your ‘Charity of the Year’

Safer would be thrilled to meet with organisations looking to form a new charity partnership for the year. In exchange for your support we can offer you fundraising ideas, volunteering opportunities for your staff, sponsorship opportunities, invitations to Safer events throughout the year and the opportunity to benefit from our training and advice. If you are an employee, why not nominate us and get ready for a year of fun-filled fundraising?

  • Bring and Buy

Your team could organise a bring-and-buy sale at work. Ask your staff to bring in good-quality items, home made crafts or produce on a specific day and sell the donated goods to everyone in the office.

  • TEAM Safer Challenge

In 2015, the Police cadets cycled 635 miles  in one weekend (that’s roughly 1 mile for every domestic abuse incident  reported to the Police in Guernsey the previous year) in aid of Safer. We don’t expect you to follow exactly in their footsteps but you could take on a ‘TEAM Safer 601 challenge’ of your own, (601 is the number of incidents reported to the Police in 2015) such as cycling on a fixed bike for 601 hours, or swimming 601 lengths as a team relay.

  • Sweepstakes

You decide the event, you decide the donation for each place in the sweepstake, and you decide the proportion of the income which goes to Safer (we recommend that you put 50% into the prize fund and donate 50% to Safer). The Grand National, Football or Rugby World Cup, the Muratti or the Siam Cup – the opportunities are endless!

  • Hold a Dress Down Day at Work for your Staff
  • Put in place a Workplace Domestic Abuse Policy

We know that your company and employees have skills to offer, in addition to taking on volunteering and fundraising activities for Safer, by offering pro bono work, your employees can use their expertise to the benefit of both Safer’s frontline services and our back-office functions.

Corporate Social Responsibility makes your business attractive to employees and it also makes good business sense.

Forming a working relationship with Safer can have numerous benefits for your business and employees.

  • It can improve staff morale.

Demonstrating that you are committed to your CSR responsibility can significantly boost staff morale, and even influence their decision about which company to work for. Beyond that, supporting Safer demonstrates a real dedication to employee safety and safety in the community.

  • It can help you reach a wider audience.

As one of our corporate supporters you can benefit from having a highlighted presence on our website, social media sites, marketing materials, mailing list and at our annual events.

This can help to publicise your business to a wider audience: an audience that will appreciate your efforts to support those who have experienced domestic abuse.

  • It can help you to make a difference to the lives of your staff.

In return for your investment in our work, we will help you to invest in your staff.  We can offer you advice, training, workplace materials and assistance with drafting a workplace domestic abuse policy.  All of this demonstrates to your staff that you have a real commitment to their health and wellbeing.